conference in Tasmania

There are several benefits for businesses to hold conferences, here are some of the most notable:


One benefit of hosting an internal conference is for the staff. Instead of just simply holding a meeting for the staff and trying to motivate them, you instead have the opportunity to take them to a nice venue and reward them. This is good for bonding and it can happen over a few days. Booking a boutique hotel in Hobart is a good way to keep everyone together for the duration of the event as well. It is beneficial to get staff away from the office and the normal stress of work help them relax while building teamwork at the same time. Bring in some activities that can help you to absorb information while sharing and bonding with other staff members.


There is a big benefit when it comes to hosting a conference that includes external guests. People from the same industry getting together allows your staff to get some new insight and inspiration. They can gain more connections and friendships that allow them to improve and work better. This builds a sense of community among groups instead of all being competitive in the industry. Share ideas and motivations and see what can be achieved. While they may be in competition doesn’t mean they cannot work towards the same goal for that trade.


Ongoing training is important to progress in a company.  A company conference is a great way to train staff and to do it all at once. Staff member’s attention span will be longer, and they will take more in when they are away from their desks learning. Also, consider bringing in motivational speakers. A new voice will be more engaging than your own and the audience will more likely pay attention to the fresh presenter with different views and ideas. Keep an eye out for other training events on at the same time you can build into the program to make your conference extra useful.


Networking is very important. When people are bonding, they are making connections that will aid them in their future. Networking can be beneficial to morale, but also to individual staff member’s careers, putting them in touch with a wider network of people who can help open new doors. On top of this, the business benefits can be great as well, as networking can often lead to new sales. New ideas and ventures are often born from networking alone.


A conference with the right format and the right speakers can create a huge amount of positivity amongst the group. It will spark brainstorming and interest, leading to an increased sense of happiness in their jobs and ultimately encouraging people to do more. 

Try not to organise a conference that people are going to groan about going to. The location of the conference plays a big role in this. Look up the best conference venues in Hobart before organising to get a good idea of what is available. Ensure it is going to be interesting and generate forward-thinking. This will help staff come up with fresh ideas that will not only make your employees feel good, it will also make the conference feel worthwhile.

Conferences are a great opportunity to launch new services, products and to captivate the audience. At conferences, you have space, time and the knowledge that is important to your staff. Ensure your employees leave feeling they are a valued member of the business by giving them all a chance to have their say and bring their ideas to the table. Create excitement; fun activities bring a good feeling to the event, while some different motivational speakers will create interest. Don’t forget to include some good snacks to enjoy during the conference either!

Conferences can be one of the best ways to grow your business. Without your employees, you have no product or service and the business will suffer. So looking after your employees, and giving them something to look forward to while still allowing them to grow is essential. Conferences just might be the key to all of this!